Tunis - Medina

Tunis Medine

Mr. Amidou is a tailor and he wanted to be an example. To show to the others that it is possible to live in Tunisia after Choucha. But after eight years of Maghreb, he has not yet managed to get even a document and looks dismayed at his past. “My life,” he says, “is like a stripped screw.” Like other hundreds of refugees who fled Libya for the war against Gaddafi and got stuck in Tunisia, Mr. Amidou refuses to embark on a boat to Lampedusa.He has participated in dozens of demonstrations in order to obtain a residence permit in Tunisia asking to UNHCR and Tunisian government an humanitarian solution to the case of refugees Chouca.

Tunis - Medina

Across the sea it aimed at documenting migrations journeys along main routes of the Mediterranean Sea. Grounding on the previous Through Desert and Sea, the project wants to outline the comprehensive dimension of migration from Southern to Northern shores with the long term goal of enhancing intercultural dialogue, empowering migrants and fostering alternative narratives and perceptions about migration in the Mediterranean countries.

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