Tunisia - Choucha Camp

Choucha camp

The Choucha camp was officially closed in the summer of 2012. In December of 2013, however, it was still inhabited by hundreds of migrants, installed in shacks, without water and electricity and without any kind of humanitarian assistance.

Here, people are divided between “rejected”, who have not obtained refugee status by the UNHCR, and “not resettled”, refugees who have not been entitled to a special programme of resettling by UNHCR for the United States and Europe. To live in Chouchua they stop of cars passing in the direction of Libya asking for food and water.

Tunisia - Choucha Camp

Across the sea it aimed at documenting migrations journeys along main routes of the Mediterranean Sea. Grounding on the previous Through Desert and Sea, the project wants to outline the comprehensive dimension of migration from Southern to Northern shores with the long term goal of enhancing intercultural dialogue, empowering migrants and fostering alternative narratives and perceptions about migration in the Mediterranean countries.

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