Eritreans For Democracy

For decades, Eritreans fought to bring the Ethiopian occupation to an end.
In 1993, Eritrea was declared as an independent state.
Every year Eritreans observe a memorial day to commemorate the thousands who died in the war to end the occupation.

The Marsa Open Center is one of the nine open centers for migrants that exist in Malta.
It is the only one who is managed by a private foundation and it’s considered the best center of the island.
Here, the migrants are accommodated in big rooms and they have public spaces to pray, to cook, for English and computing courses.
Everything looks good but when you talk with the people who live there they explain you the hidden problems of the center.
The most important one is the check, 130 € that the Malta’s Government gives to the migrants, each month, for their expenses and that the center can cut if you act up, if you don’t clean your room or if you don’t sign the attendance register three times a week.

Across the sea it aimed at documenting migrations journeys along main routes of the Mediterranean Sea. Grounding on the previous Through Desert and Sea, the project wants to outline the comprehensive dimension of migration from Southern to Northern shores with the long term goal of enhancing intercultural dialogue, empowering migrants and fostering alternative narratives and perceptions about migration in the Mediterranean countries.

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