Across the sea it aimed at documenting migrations journeys along main routes of the Mediterranean Sea. Grounding on the previous Through Desert and Sea, the project wants to outline the comprehensive dimension of migration from Southern to Northern shores with the long term goal of enhancing intercultural dialogue, empowering migrants and fostering alternative narratives and perceptions about migration in the Mediterranean countries.
A group of media experts (video and audio) from Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Israel and Malta have visited several places along the routes that cross Mediterranean: from the border police stations, to the ghost villages, nobody areas where migrants remain looked, even for years, waiting to change their destinies and to move to the next stage.
The objective of the journeys was mapping the migration routes passing through those places. Media experts have made use of video, audio and photos to collect stories, which are here recollected.

Across the sea is an open project and aspires to a continuous growth through further collection of audio, video and documentation from the Mediterranean routes. You can provide further contribution writing at acrossthesea.net@gmail.com
or contacting through facebook

We believe this can be a small contribution to understand reasons for migration, thus contributing to undermine prejudices, enhancing mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue.
The project can be used as a tool to advocate for human rights and respect of the Humanitarian Law and International Conventions on Refugees in the Euromediterranean space.

Across the sea is a small contribution towards a more inclusive society, where freedom of movement is guaranteed and where the Mediterranean is conceived as an open door where to exchange with other cultures and not a fortress to defend.

We dedicate the project to all who left their countries, escaping from war, persecutions or simply looking for better life conditions, but never arrived.

Across the sea is also to make this never happen again.